Enterprise Storage Strategies

Stephen Foskett

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Early Bird Savings at Cloud Expo This week, Amazon took a step with EC2 that many had long anticipated: They announced spot pricing for cloud compute instances. EC2 customers can now name their own price, and Amazon will bring compute instances up at variable discount prices according to these "bids". This complements their March 2009 move at the other end of the spectrum, extra-cost reserved instances. This evolution of the cloud compute market was predicted by many, but Amazon deserves credit for making it happen. The obvious next question is whether spot pricing can work for cloud storage. Although there are cases where spot pricing might make sense, the nature of data storage trends against this sort of pricing model. Let's explore the question further. Cloud Compute Cloud compute is obviously different from cloud storage: The former deals with running applicat... (more)

What Is a Backup?

The word "backup" gets thrown around so much that folks tuned in to the world of enterprise storage can start getting surly. One of the best ways to annoy a backup administrator is to start talking about how well the backup will facilitate disaster recovery, e-discovery, and compliance! So what is a backup anyway? Is it different from an archive? SNIA defines a backup as follows: "A collection of data stored on (usually removable) non-volatile storage media for purposes of recovery in case the original copy of data is lost or becomes inaccessible; also called a backup copy.To be ... (more)

Why Isn't Storage Getting Cheaper? Part 3: Tiered Storage

The growth of storage capacity led to an attitude that storage was too cheap to manage, but this didn't last long. Before we knew it, IT was faced with a flood of data, easily too much to manage. Faced with limits to their ability to control data growth, IT tried to get the business interested in information lifecycle management (ILM). When this didn't work, they opted for cheaper capacity. Today, we look into the outcome of this tiered storage adventure. Why isn't storage getting cheaper? This series of articles attempts to answer this question: Too Cheap to Manage Too Much to... (more)

Cloud Storage Flavors: Platform/Infrastructure and Service/Product

Take a look at the various data storage offerings called "cloud" and your head will start to ache. How can so many things all bear the "cloud storage" name and yet be so totally different? The answer is obvious to long-time industry observers: Each provider has tailored their offering to make it distinct in the market, and each supports different use cases Infrastructure versus Platform Although I am not one to tilt at windmills, especially when it comes to arguing the "rightness" of cloud-based marketing, I sometimes do hit upon a set of terminology that makes sense to me. Wading... (more)

Cloud Integration Mixes CommVault Simpana Management With Cloud Storage

Since cloud storage is not backup in and of itself, anyone wanting to use cloud for backup needs additional software smarts. One of the smartest data protection and archiving suites out there is CommVault's Simpana. Mixing their intelligent software with the benefits of cloud storage for data protection makes a killer combination! This is precisely what CommVault announced this morning. CommVault's cloud integration brings seamless access in Simpana 8 to public cloud storage from the leading providers as well as local tape and disk. CommVault's traditional strengths in archiving... (more)